Why use Booking Buddha for your Surf School?

At Booking Buddha we offer you a simple solution allowing you to accepting bookings from your customers through your own website. Why does a surf school need an online booking service? There are many reasons!

  1. 24/7 accessibility for your customers. Whether at work or 2am in the morning, your client can book with you - rather than a competitor who has 24/7 availability.
  2. Wider reach - get seen by more people via our free Facebook integration.
  3. Get paid in advance. Customers pay at the time of their booking, rather than on their arrival.
  4. Reduce no-shows. Nothing worse than organizing staff and equipment only for a client not to show. With Booking Buddha, they're prepaid - so they show up.
  5. Mass Email/text customers - entice previous clients back. Booking Buddha automatically creates a customer database, enabling you to get back into contact.
  6. Advanced organization. As customers can book weeks in advance, you can plan staff rotas around their bookings.
  7. Online only discounts. Encourage return customers by creating discounts that are only available through your online booking system.