So all of this begs the question. How does PayPal work with our system? It's all very simple!

When you are filling in our sign up form, which can be found here, you give us your PayPal email address. This allows us to integrate PayPal into the booking system for you. 

But what about the payment? Well, when paying, the money that the customer sends is sent directly to you. No middle man, no messing around waiting for it to clear. Just straight to you. And of course, we take our low commission out of the payment as it is transferred, so no messing around on your end to pay us.

But what if there is a refund?

No problem! If you have to refund the money, simply head to PayPal and refund it. When you do this, it will also refund the commission that we take, so no one loses out on money that they are owed.