Today we’re going to show you three examples of some great websites around Ireland that use online booking systems for their businesses. 

This will give you an idea of what your online booking system will look like when it’s live on your website. 

Here are some of our favourite websites with booking systems.

1. Moon River 

The first website we’re looking at is Moon River. This is a river cruise company based in Carrick On Shannon. They bring passengers on lovely trips down the River Shannon throughout the year. 

On their website, customers can easily book tickets for a cruise down the river. They can choose from adult, senior and children’s tickets as well as student tickets and family tickets. 

This booking system allows for a hassle-free booking experience. 


2. River Run 

River Run is a sister company to Moon River. They’re also a river cruise company but they’re based in Athlone. Their booking system is similar to the one seen on Moon River and provides customers with an easy way to book a cruise online. 

It gives a clear indicator of what days are available to book and allows the customer to choose between the various ticket options. It also clearly shows the user what times are available as well as the duration of the cruise. 

The booking system that River Run uses is perfect for stress-free booking and it keeps their customers happy.


3. Tramore Surf School

The Tramore Surf School uses a booking system for group bookings. It allows parents, teachers and individuals to book surfing lessons easily. They simply load up the group surf lessons page on the website and choose which package they’d like. 

After confirming the package they want the booking system brings them to the list of available dates. This way the customer can easily choose when they want their lesson to be and for what time. 

The system also clearly shows how much the lesson is going to cost per person and how many people are allowed in the group. 

This is another great booking system that provides customers with no stress booking. 

If you’re looking to get a booking system for your company then feel free to get in contact with us today we’d love to help!