A blog about the advantages of booking online!


In the modern internet-focused world, a cutting edge website is essential for all businesses. Not only are websites great for self promotion, they are also a key way to providing your customers with your services 24/7. As everyday life is getting more hectic and more rushed, more people want to shop and book online. Customers are highly unlikely to want to ring you at 11pm with a booking for two weeks' time; having an online booking facility ensures your potential client books immediately with you and doesn't go to a competitor's site looking for an easily-accessible booking system. Having a booking system on your website allows customers to book what they want, when they want.


Another important factor when it comes to investing in a booking system is the ability to reach a much wider client base. Not only locals in the area can pre-book with you but future visitors to the area can also book in advance with you. This allows you to reach your customers without your close competitors getting a look in! If your area of expertise comes with a high number of no-show customers, an online booking system can help reduce this. There's nothing worse than preparing all of your bases, getting your staff in and the customer doesn't turn up! As tours and activities are paid for days, sometimes weeks in advance, even a no-show customer isn't a disaster. Everyone gets paid and no resources are wasted.

Booking Buddha's online booking system also has an in-depth diary admin back-end. This bespoke feature is tailored for each individual business, allowing you to create customer email databases, organize staff rotas and send texts automatically to customers reminding them of bookings. All of these options enable you to fully embrace the many technological advantages of using an online booking system to connect with as many possible customers. Not only can you create email and text databases of previous clients, but you can also integrate your system onto your company's Facebook. Take advantage of the wide reach of social media and connect to new clients!

Booking Buddha is ideal for Tour and Activity providers but also other businesses too. If your interested then send us an email.