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A bit about us...

Booking Buddha was an idea created by Nick Butler, a long-time surfer and self-proclaimed tech nerd. Whilst running the family business, he realized there was no easy, set way to accept online bookings that didn't cost a fortune. With a lot of background research and talking to some like minded people in the tour and activity industry, he decided to create his own online booking system.

Originally set up for the surf industry, he soon saw a huge gap in the market for all activity and tour providers. Booking Buddha has come along way since it's early prototypes! Now offering the latest technology to take all the hassle out of taking customer's bookings, payments and organizing staff - the Booking Buddha booking engine is revolutionizing how companies advertise, organize and function online.

So What's The Big Deal?

Through many dedicated hours, the Bookng Buddha team has tried to provide solutions to the sport and outdoor activities area's many problems. We hope the system can help bring the market to the 21st century! Here's a quick look at some of the system's unique features:

  • Allows customers to book 24/7, when and where they want
  • Integration to your own website and social media pages
  • Money goes straight into your account, no waiting for payday
  • Bespoke back-end diary
  • Organize staff and resources for each booking
  • Automatically creates customer databases for you
  • Ability to send texts/emails to customers free

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, give your business the edge over the competition and join the Travistio community today!